Almost a big part this obesity problem caused by external factor such as:

1. Nutrition. Nutrition that excess especially food which contains calorie (energy) high. This including food that has fat content and high sugar.

2. Less doing exercise.

3. Busy working, watch television and spent most of the time in front computer.

4. Metabolism diseases endocrine like shortage or over growth hormone cortisol. If hormone deficiency thyroxsin or man hormone deficiency (testosterone) a person can experience excessive body weight problem. At times tumour in hypothalamus can cause own personal excessive body weight because appetite that high.

5. Medicines. Practice of eating some medicines such as steroid or Chinese traditional medicine could result in body weight increases. Steroid that excess could cause illness diabetes and hypertension.

6. Genetic problem. There are several gene in body which caused excessive body weight. Syndromes
such as Prader-Willi, Laurence Moon Biedl and so on can cause obesity.

7. Metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome that is a kind of inherited disease cause one have excessive body weight, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol level, gout and so on.